WHY I RIDE featuring Annie Ewart of Optum Pro Cycling

Photo credit: www.optumprocycling.com
Photo credit: www.optumprocycling.com

Annie Ewart is an All-Rounder & TT cyclist from Victoria, BC – riding for Optum Pro Cycling presented by Kelly Benefit Strategies.

GIRO: Why do you ride? What it is about cycling that you love most?

AE: I ride because I truly love it. Everything about it. The competition, the people, the teamwork, winning, the freedom, and constantly putting your body to the test. I don’t think I can just pick one specific thing that I love. It’s a collection of things that make up why I love it so much.

GIRO: At what age did you start riding competitively? How did you get into it?

AE: 13/14, I got into cycling. I didn’t get serious until I was 16/17. My uncle started later in life, and he got my parents into it. They would all go out on these rides and come back talking about how much fun they had had, the beautiful countryside they had seen, and how fast they had gone on a downhill. I loved the sound of it. I started to save up all my money until I had enough to buy a road bike.

GIRO: Have you raced in the Giro di Burnaby before? If yes, how many times? What about the Giro di Burnaby do you look forward to most?

AE: Yes. Last year was my first time, and I loved it! It’s a really great course. Super fast, hard, and safe. I look forward to this race because, it’s not a 4 corner course, like a lot of the criteriums we race. There is a small hill and a 180 degree turn, which give a different element to your typical criterium race. It makes for a very exciting race. Anything can happen!

GIRO: Do you have any advice for young/aspiring cyclists?

AE: HAVE FUN! It’s the most important thing. If you’re having fun, the results will take care of themselves. I think it’s super important to love what you do.

Photo credit: www.optumprocycling.com
Photo credit: www.optumprocycling.com

GIRO: Who are your sponsors? Who do you ride for?

AE: I ride for the American based team Optum Procycling team p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies.

GIRO: Anything else you’d like to add?

AE: I would like to thank all of the sponsors who make this race happen. It’s truly one of the best run races that we do all year, and I know the kind of effort it must take to have such a well run race. So thank you!

Learn more about Annie and the rest of her team here: http://optumprocycling.com/team-member/annie-ewart/