WHY I RIDE featuring Anika Todd of TIBCO-SVB

Photo Credit: Larry Rosa

Kicking off our first WHY I RIDE feature, we’re excited to present to you, Anika ‘The Beast’ Todd – a 25 year old professional cyclist with TIBCO-SVB. Anika’s story is particularly impressive, as her first time on a road bike was only 3 years ago at the age of 22. If that’s any indication, we expect to be seeing and hearing a lot more about Anika in the race seasons to come. She’ll be back at the Giro di Burnaby for her third consecutive year on July 16th. Don’t miss her as she battles for a spot on the podium!

GIRO: Why do you ride? What it is about cycling that you love most?

AT: I love competing and I love traveling. Cycling has taken me all over the world and given me the opportunity to challenge myself both physically and mentally in countless spectacular races. Every race is so unique; from the terrain to the tactics to the weather conditions, every race is different making cycling the most complex sport I have ever competed. It never gets boring!

GIRO: At what age did you start riding competitively? How did you get into it?

AT: I started racing at 23 and had never even ridden a road bike until age 22. My boyfriend at the time was a roadie and gave me my first road bike as a Christmas gift. I took to the sport right away and began riding with Tripleshot Cycling Club who, together with Pro City, fully funded my equipment and expenses to compete at the 2013 Canadian Road Championships. After finishing second in the time trial and seventh in the road race, I was offered my first professional contract with TIBCO-SVB.

GIRO: Have you raced in the Giro di Burnaby before? If yes, how many times? What about the Giro di Burnaby do you look forward to most?

AT: I have raced the Giro di Burnaby twice and it is one of my favorite crits. It’s a great course; challenging, technical and fast. The competition is also excellent. Both years I’ve attended there has been an impressive women’s field.

Anika Todd at the 2013 TIBCO Women’s Professional Cycling Team Camp (Photo Credit: Larry Rosa)

GIRO: Do you have any advice for young/aspiring cyclists?

AT: Just go for it! Anything is possible if you commit, focus and give it 100%. I never would have imagined that I would be where I am now but I took the risks and made the sacrifices and it was worth it.

GIRO: Who are your sponsors? Who do you ride for?

AT: I ride for TIBCO-SVB, a professional UCI team and the top ranked womens team in the NRC. We are fortunate to have a long list of official sponsors, all of whom can be found on our team website: http://www.teamtibco-svb.com/

For more information on Anika Todd, visit http://anikatodd.com/