Watch & Win Contest

And the winners of the 2012 Giro di Burnaby “Watch & Win Contest” are……….

Back in June, the Giro di Burnaby planning committee came up with a brilliant idea of a “Watch and Win Contest” where the focus was to encourage and reward active participation at the Giro.

There were two categories to the contest. We asked for people to submit a short story about any aspect of the Giro, the racers, the volunteers, the spectators and comment on what they saw and how they felt, or submit a photo reflecting what the Giro meant to them.

The prizes for our winners, generously provided by Palladio Jewellers (one of the Giro’s title sponsors) were two Baume & Mercier watches.

Finally, after sifting through some amazing essay and photo entries, huge congratulations go out to our winners Grant Withers for his photo entry “Top of the Pyramid” and to Shirley Wong for her essay entitled “Living a Dream”.

The Giro di Burnaby committee would like to thank all who submitted entries to this year’s contest. Our judge’s job very difficult!

Watch & Win Contest Winners
Grant Withers (photo contest), Jason Bosa (Palladio Jewellers), and Shirley Wong (essay contest)

Photo Contest

First Prize was awarded to Grant Withers for his photo entitled “Top of the Pyramid


Runners up were

  • Michele Schwingboth – Giro Reflections

  • Ron Jerome – Giro Training

Essay Contest

The first prize was awarded to Shirley Wong for her essay entitled “Living a Dream

Runners up were