Hosting an out of town professional cycling team for 11 days in July has become a yearly tradition for Burnaby residents, Margaret and Dennis Hansen, who have been hosting riders in their home for the past 10 years.

Every summer, the Giro di Burnaby comes to the streets of the Burnaby Heights neighbourhood, as part of the BC Superweek series featuring 9 races over 10 days, with
more than $140,000 in prize money up for grabs. But even with prize money on the line, the teams and riders that travel across the globe to race are always in need of a helping hand when it comes to local accommodation.

For Margaret and Dennis, who have hosted teams from Oregon, California, Germany, and South America, they look forward to the opportunity to learn more about the psychology of racing, and love having riders and teams to cheer for during the series. “It’s an easy way to support young athletes” says Margaret, “The teams are as self-sufficient as you want them to be. They will provide and prepare all of their own meals, but are often happy to join you and your family for a meal if they are invited.”

It can be especially exciting for the Hansen family when they are able to host the same team for multiple years, building closer relationships with the riders, and sometimes, sharing in some amazing experiences with them. “Florenz Knauer, one of the German riders we’ve hosted, has returned to race BC Superweek many times. We watched him propose to his girlfriend last year after winning the New West Grand Prix. Though his team only stayed with us for one year, we continue to follow his career, and cheer him on at all the BC Superweek events.” noted Dennis.

As the Giro di Burnaby – and BC Superweek as a whole – continues to flourish, so does the reputation of the series amongst the international professional cycling community. Increased international attention means, naturally, that there is an increased need for host homes in communities across the Lower Mainland.

“The costs associated with travel and accommodation for these teams is staggering.” says Rainy Kent, Race Director of the Giro di Burnaby. “Not only does community host housing help these young athletes save on the costs associated with competing at this level, it provides a unique opportunity for community members to connect with the sport.”

If you are interested in hosting a team or rider during the 2018 BC Superweek series (July 5-16, 2018) and can provide accommodation, bathroom, kitchen facilities, and safe bike storage for the 11 night duration, click here and register your interest.