HUB at Giro

Don’t forget the kids – it is important that the Giro is fun for them too!

HUB will have instructors on site at Fountain Square running a kids bike rodeo so don’t forget the children or bikes at home! We will also have a bike decorating station, pumps and tools to help pretty-up and tune-up your bike.

Local HUB cycling advocates will also be attending the event so come by and say hi to pick up the latest bike maps, discuss bike routes and hear about what is happening for cycling in your community.

There will be a HUB instructor from 5pm to 7pm and would love to be doing the bike rodeo before the races between 5 and 6.

The rodeo consists of us putting small cones on the road to have the children weave through them, we also do things like the slug race where they go as slow as they can, or the yell-ee where they yell and bike at the same time until they run out of breath. Throughout the activities we discuss safe riding techniques and ask them questions about riding in traffic. We will bring some supplies for bike decorations as well as a pump and tools and will be able to do some basic bike maintenance as well.

For adults we would like to encourage them to come by our booth to say hi, pick up a bike map and let us know what they think about biking in Burnaby as we are working to help make it better.

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